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September 24, 2023

43 Dead in Pakistani Blast, Taliban Claim Responsibility



San Francisco ( Saturday, an explosion in Khar killed 43 innocent people and saw 90 others get seriously injured. The exact location of the blast was a checkpoint for security at the United Nations World Food Programme center in Khar.

According to the United Nation’s Amjad Jamal, over three hundred people were at the location getting food and other necessary products when the blast occurred. The cause of the blast was a suicide bomber. At first, some speculated that the bomber was actually a woman, but those rumors were quickly shot down by officials saying that the suicide bomber was in fact a man.

Azam Tariq of the Pakistani Taliban said that the attack was meant to target individuals who were anti-Taliban and pro-government. The current count of those dead or injured is not yet official. The numbers come from the totals brought to the Bajaur Agency hospital and reported by Dr. Muhammad Hanif.

The Bajaur Agency is headquartered in Khar. It is just one of the districts that border Afghanistan. The individuals who get their food at the post are those who were made to move for military reasons.

For the time being, all of the food distribution sections in Bajaur have been shut down until complete security can be ensured for those individuals coming through to get their monthly food supplies. Other food distribution areas in Pakistan will not be closed and will continue to serve their purpose.

President Barack Obama was completely disgusted by the “outrageous terrorist attack.” Obama said that the attack was “an affront to the people of Pakistan and to all humanity.”

Obama added that “The United States stands with the people of Pakistan in this difficult time and will strongly support Pakistan’s efforts to ensure greater peace, security, and justice for its people.”

The attack comes as an unfortunate reminder that the Middle East is not nearly as safe as the rest of the free world would want it to be. Terrorism is still haunting Pakistan, as well as other states in the region, and despite all of the hard work by the United States, the United Nations, and others throughout the world, it does not appear that improvements are coming any time soon.

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