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October 14, 2019

Tiger Woods Speaks, Talks About Life As A Father

The image of Tiger Woods has undergone a rollercoaster in recent years.

Woods was once the perfect role model. He was the example parents pointed to when explaining to their children what a respectable man should act like and how hard one has to work to become great. He was touted as a great man and as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Then came the scandal. After one unfortunate night that ended with a car crash, Woods’ personal life began to be exposed and secrets he more than likely would have rather kept to himself were no longer private. His infidelity became front-page news for months and he lost the respect of many of his fans.

But now Woods is turning things back around. Since he was forced to face his wrongdoings, he has refocused his life on his friends and family. Most importantly, he has focused on being the best father he could possibly be to his two children.

Woods said of spending more time with his 3-year-old daughter Sam and his 2-year-old son Charlie and being more involved in their lives, “it’s tough, but it’s enjoyable. That’s the work I love. I just love being with them and seeing what they’re doing.” He went on to say of his relationship with his children, “we have a great time together.”

Woods joyfully spoke on Good Morning America about his son’s passion for sports and his daughter’s artistic interests.

The appearance on the ABC program was the first time since the downfall of the superstar occurred in November of 2009 that he has been on a talk show.

It has been well over a year since his life fell apart. But now he is putting it back together slowly.

With his attention clearly shifted to his family, it is now fair to say that Woods is finally a man.

He is no longer full of lies and deception. He is no longer portraying a squeaky clean image.

He is now an honest, humble man.

The remaining question is will the fans forgive him? Some have been certain for over a year that they will never forgive Woods. Others forgave Woods after he owned up to his ways. The rest have been on the fence.

But Woods is a different person now. The perfect role model is long gone. The insensitive person who cheated on his wife over and over again is also gone. Now there’s only the human being, Tiger Woods.

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