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November 27, 2022

Gadhafi Continues Genocide, United States Fires Back

Fireman Roderick Eubanks/United States Navy
Fireman Roderick Eubanks/United States Navy

The genocide in Libya has not stopped. Despite pleas and demands from all around the globe, including the United States of America and the United Nations, Moammar Gadhafi has continued to attack his own people and murder them mercilessly.

As the people of Libya are standing their ground and making it perfectly clear that they do not want to live in a Libya run by Gadhafi, the uncompassionate leader has responded with a clear attitude that says that he does not care what the people think.

But now Gadhafi has more to worry about than just threats from the United States and other members of the United Nations. Now, other nations are coming to the aid of Libyan civilians against the murderous Gadhafi.

The United Nations told Gadhafi to cease all of his fire, but he did not. As a result, French, British, and American soldiers were sent over to the North African state.

For the first time, Gadhafi has a real threat against his power that does not come in the form of protesters. The American troops, along with the French and British, combined their forces and attacked Gadhafi’s military posts. They fired missiles and used fighter jets to combat Gadhafi’s forces.

Explosions and gunshots were heard coming from Tripoli. It is being reported that the firing was coming from the Mitiga Airport.

American and British warships shot over 110 Tomahawk missiles at Libyan military posts.

Prior to the warship attack, the French used their fighter jets to take out one of Gadhafi’s vehicles.

The hope behind attacking Gadhafi’s forces is to try to keep them from attacking the innocent Libyan people any more than he already has. Whether he is going to back down on his own or if is going to have to be defeated militarily, the goal is to keep Gadhafi and his military from killing more people.

It is too early to tell if the actions of Saturday have had any effect on Gadhafi and the way he is going to continue going about his business.

But one thing is for certain, the combination of the United States, England, and France, along with other members of the United Nations, is the strongest in the world.

The chances of Gadhafi surviving much longer as the leader of Libya are essentially nonexistent.

Moammar Gadhafi started a genocide against his own people because he was not pleased with their expression of political and social beliefs. But now, Gadhafi might be on the brink of war with the free world.

2 Comments on Gadhafi Continues Genocide, United States Fires Back

  1. Please stop misusing the term “genocide.” It is a VERY serious term which must only be used lightly. Genocide is the “systematic attempt to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group AS SUCH.” The conflict in Libya is, ultimately, a political argument among Libyans themselves; it is not grounded in a prejudice, hate-based attempt by one group to destroy another group *as such.* This is NOT unimportant; in fact, I feel that it is VERY important because the more the word gets watered down by applying it carelessly, the less importance and impact it will have when it really happens. It’s like crying wolf and it DOES do harm.

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