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December 12, 2018

Obama Celebrates Independence Day

San Francisco ( On a day when most people spend time with their family and friends at a barbeque eating hamburgers and hot dogs, watching fireworks pop in the night sky, and even shop the sales at the local clothing stores, President Barack Obama did a little bit more.

President Obama spent his Fourth of July holiday this year by reminding the citizens of the United States of America about just what Independence Day truly stands for in this country. Obama reminded Americans about the Declaration of Independence and what it symbolized and meant for America. Obama called for American’s to continue to live their lives based on the values and principles laid out during the birth of the United States of America via the founding fathers.

During his barbeque on the South Lawn at the White House, President Obama said, “This is the day when we celebrate the very essence of America and the spirit that has defined us as a people and as a nation for more than two centuries.” Later on in the same speech, President Obama went on to say, “we celebrate the principles that are timeless, tenets first declared by men of property and wealth, but which gave rise to what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom in America, civil rights and voting rights, workers rights and women’s rights, and the right of every American.” Obama also stated that all of that is the point of the Fourth of July. It is all intended to remind us of just what made us the greatest nation in the world.

Over one thousand people attended Obama’s ceremony. The guest list included current members of the United States military along with their families, relatives of casualties of war, and the relatives of troops currently stationed around the world. Obama told them, “today we also celebrate all of you, the men and women of our armed forces, who defend this country we love.”

Obama went on to thank each branch of the military and shake hands and take photographs with numerous attendees of the annual gathering at the White House.

At a time when the world is full of turmoil and conflict between nations, President Obama was able to take a day to remind the citizens of the United States of America about the real values of the United States. Obama reminded the men and women in attendance, as well as those around the world, about the importance of family values and the togetherness of the American people that it took to succeed in the Revolutionary War in the 1700’s and proclaim Independence from the British in 1776. Obama reminded everyone of the hard work it took to attain the rights we all have on a daily basis and the freedoms we enjoy without pause. Despite tough economic times in America, people cannot allow frustrations to overcome their gratitude towards this great nation.

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