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January 19, 2022

Obama To Meet With Netanyahu

San Francisco ( After the festivities of the Fourth of July have settled down throughout the United States of America, as well as for President Barack Obama at the White House, the matters of global politics are creeping back into center stage.

The United States and Israel have had ties since the creation of the Middle Eastern state in 1948. Ever since, the United States of America has been a protector and friend of the Jewish state. However, in recent history, Israel has been disobeying requests made by the United States causing conflicts. President Obama has not been very approving of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the area, including continuing to build homes on the Gaza Strip despite being told not to.

Hopefully some relief to the tensions will be brought on Tuesday, as President Barack Obama is to welcome the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, into the White House.

The central goal of the meeting will be to try to persuade Israel to enter peace talks with Palestine once again. In addition, Obama hopes to agree with Netanyahu on exactly how to go about the peace talks in order to make both states willing to work with each other to gain a positive compromise for both sides.

Israel has shown willingness to compromise in recent months, as the Middle Eastern state has lightened the strictness on their protection over the Gaza Strip to increase trade in the region.

In addition to meeting with each other, both President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will also pose for pictures and hold a press conference where they will field questions from reporters.

It is no secret that conflicts in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine have been around for years and tensions are always high. But with the hard of work of the United States of America and the pressing of President Barack Obama for peace talks to occur, the prospect of peace in the Middle East is beginning to seem more and more realistic as each day goes by.

With some success today during the meeting, Obama may be able to be the one to lead the way for a more peaceful world by bringing two of the most conflicting nations in the world together.

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