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October 27, 2020

Obama and Cheney Disagree

Former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney spent his Thursday trying to provide as much defending for the Bush Administration’s history of national security.

Instead of simply letting issues slide, Cheney chose to attempt to restore a positive reputation for his former administration even though most everyone has a set opinion already. Cheney went on to claim that it is the Obama Administration that is the one to put the United States of America in danger.

The former Vice President proclaimed that Obama is allowing al Qaeda and other organizations to have an easier target.

In his speech, which took place at the American Enterprise Institute, Cheney argued that the Bush Administration did nothing wrong in it’s operating of the War in Iraq. Cheney stated that all that was done was completely Constitutional and approved by Congress.

He also claimed that the questionable interrogation procedures used by the administration did more good than bad and actually saved thousands of lives.

Cheney went on to express disdain in Obama’s decision to make the information on the interrogations during the Bush Administration public.

Cheney said he was disappointed that the good that came out of the procedures was not praised and that all of the claims for torture, such as waterboarding, were highly exaggerated.

However, Cheney did not dispel any claims of illegal procedures taken by guards in the prisons and the torture techniques used.

Cheney also stated that he does not agree with Obama’s choice to remove certain interrogation techniques from military procedure was a poor decision.

Cheney made many criticisms of Obama and his decision-making skills. He disagreed with his position on how to handle the war and the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

However, Obama has had a high approval rating since his becoming President. Obama has also made numerous progressions in just about every aspect of the United States Government and its laws. Obama has handled war in a way that is different from Bush, but that doesn’t make Obama wrong.

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