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January 19, 2022

Obama Addresses US, Israeli Relations

Monday saw the second meeting between between United States President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The last time these two men spoke in person was one year ago, but at that time neither was leading their respective nation.

Israel and the United States have been allies for decades. The United States of America has always supported the Middle Eastern nation, even providing it with a reported $3 billion in military funding each year.

However, Monday’s meeting is not set to be all smiles and pleasantries. President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu are looking to discuss current disagreements between the two nations.

The largest issue at hand is the statehood of Palestine. President Obama is encouraging the idea of making an official Palestinian state right alongside Israel. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu does not feel comfortable with the plan unless Israel can be guaranteed security and that Palestinian officials and Israeli officials can meet and agree a definite peace.

Another point of discussion will be of Iran. Israel feels threatened by Iran and it’s President, Mahmoud Ahmaninejad. Ahmaninejad has spoken openly about his desires for the end of Israel as a Jewish nation. With the further speculations that Iran is trying to obtain nuclear weapons, Israel wants immediate action to be taken on the nation. President Obama does not want to put a timetable on Iran’s cooperation as Israel wants.

In addition, Obama is against the proposed ideas that people who grow up in the West Bank should be able to build houses near their childhood homes. Obama says that a freeze on expansion is necessary for the time being.

Despite the differences, both the United States and Israel are still at peace with one another. Israel supports the United States, its military, and is greatly appreciative of all the support that America gives to it.

Peace in the Middle East seems to be more and more realistic as time goes by. Obama has endorsed the support of any Palestinian groups not controlled by the Hamas. And Prime Minister Netanyahu has recently visited with Egypt and Jordan in hopes of getting more nations involved in a Middle Eastern peace agreement.

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