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August 23, 2019

Obama’s New Energy Plans

President Barack Obama revealed his plans for cleaner energy on Wednesday, which was also Earth Day. The intent is to use ocean and wind currents from federal waters to create electricity.

The Interior Department has been the designated the job of making the scheme come into fruition. It is all part of Obama’s goal to find new sources for fuel, decrease the United States’ dependence on oil from foreign nations, bring attention to the climate change, and in the whole process create new jobs for American citizens.

President Obama told the public that the goal is to have nearly twenty percent of the nation’s electricity come from wind power and would in the process create as many as 250,000 jobs.

Obama has called this initiative all a part of “beginning a new era in energy exploration.”

The President expressed the need for a variety of energy sources and most especially the need for new energy sources to replace more harmful and depleting ones.

As Obama continues to dive further into advancements in science, the expectancies for a cleaner American environment and more proficient medical and scientific institutions are sure to deliver on the progressions that have been hoped for by all Americans.

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2 Comments on Obama’s New Energy Plans

  1. Idea from Barbara Coletti, from Wyoming.

    We are a generation of Quick and Simple, (fast food, drive through, hurry up, no time.)

    I am a limited traveler, but have found it inconvenient to try to make someone understand what I need or where I want to go. I have also worked and have friend who has worked with foreigners and their is a defendant communication gap. I think learning another language is almost at a crucial stage but in our hurry up world, and in a hurry up situation; who has time. My idea is simple, and can be used by anyone who can read.

    Very simple concept, so many many translations to go through.

    These could be sold at site specific airports, resorts, vacation spots or in a luggage store while choosing what pieces of baggage to take a set and slip in a pocket or bag to your destination. Just think of the people going to the Olympics trying to communicate just where you want to go or see what event you to see. Cost effective, and simple to use, no book to search through.

    Even the military could take advantage of this. I had a friend who had been deployed to Afghanistan; her comments to me were; “if we could only communicate with these people.”

    Thank you for taking time to hear my idea. So many other places and things to translate.
    Restrooms, restaurants’, (simple as a spoon or fork), parks, beaches, land marks. Drinking water, shopping.

    AND it would create JOB. To help getting it global.

    Barbara Coletti

  2. I would like to se Mr. Obama consider the PRE-Plan, a plan to allow consumers to fund renewable energy projects and to receive a portion of the energy produced as their return on investment. Using this plan an investment of around $5,000 can potentially eliminate a consumers utility bill for 20 to 30 years.

    The plan is basically a combination of an energy co-op, retail wheeling, and net-metering; yet different in many aspects. The best part of this plan is that it isn’t funded by the federal government, instead, it is paid for in its entirety by consumers. The utility os compensated for its costs and allowed a profit, but it is most definitely not a continuation of the same failed policies and practices that got the US and the world into this mess. More can be read about the plan at my web site. This is a well thought out and well considered plan and it will take the legislative backing of government to make it really go, but as I say, it doesn’t have to cost the taxpayers anything yet it truly can raise the trillions needed to make renewable energy happen in a big and sustainable way.

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