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September 28, 2022

Obama Apologizes for Inappropriate Photo Shoot

Early Monday morning, one of President Barack Obama’s planes was flying quite low in Manhattan, New York. This was a photo opportunity that did develop some amazing photographs, but also ended up spooking many citizens of New York City.

President Obama was not on the official plane of the United States government that resulted in numerous phone calls being places to 911. New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and Democratic Senator, Charles Schumer, have both criticized the event heavily considering the recent history of New York City.

While the events of September 11, 2001 happened over seven and a half years ago, the fear of reoccurrence of them will always be there and in the early hours of Monday morning, it was evident.

On Monday morning, the planes, which were an F-16 jet and a Boeing 747, flew around the Statue of Liberty. The 747 got down to just 1,000 feet above ground, which was enough to shake the windows of building in and around Wall Street.

The event was an authorized publicity photo shoot by the United States Department of Defense. And according to President Barack Obama, it is the last one. Obama said, “It was a mistake…and it will not happen again.”

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