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January 17, 2022

Criticizing Obama?

It seems as though every move that President Barack Obama makes has been criticized by someone else.

He tries to improve relations with foreign nations and all of the sudden the safety of the United States is at risk? Well, this makes sense. In the fourth grade my teacher accepted a book from the teacher of the other fourth grade class and an all out battle broke out! No, no, no, it was no longer just dodge ball, it was Dodge Weapons of Mass Destruction! OH THE CHAOS THAT BROKE OUT OVER A BOOK!

He works on stimulus packages and he’s wasting the money of Americans? Also makes sense. As we all know, no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE likes to get money for free, especially during a recession.

Every time out President makes a move, whether it be in foreign policy or domestic, it seems like some reekazoid sees it as a major threat to the safety of America. I mean, holy Chiiiiiiicago, what’s going to happen if he is seen eating a Brazil nut or Chinese Food? Is Rush Limbaugh going to make the ricockulous claim that Obama is half way done with a sale of America to Brazil or China? It seems as though many critics of our President have taken up the philosophy of “Just because it doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean I can’t say it.”

The ridiculosity of the constant criticisms has reached a level of magnitutious proportions. The inability of these chumpstains to simply respect the advancements that Obama is making is reeking of near felonausity.

Now, I know that all of you are just jonesin’ for all of the naysayers to finally shut up, but unfortunately that will never happen. Yeah, I’m bummed out too. I mean, the knowledge that President Barack Obama will always have to answer his critics is extremely sucktacular. The dorkchops will not cease. Yes, that includes the Lord of Ignorance, Rush Limbaugh. I mean, glasses can fix my eyes, but nothing can fix the stupidity that he radiates. Here’s a little secret, in addition to writing, I read as well, and I must say that “Mr.” Limbaugh is astoundonishingly uninformed for a guy who talks about the news so much.

Limbaugh, aka Sir Talks A Lot, is just one of many critics of President Obama out there and they all seem to lack a few abilites. Those abilities include common sense, patience, respect, and intelligence. A lot of these men and women have no problem critiquing Obama, but how many of them have run a country, or even been on a city council?

In a perfect world, there would be more respect for Obama, but until utopia is reached, we will have to accept that we do not live in a 100% Reekazoid-Free world.

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