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July 08, 2020

Mosley and Mora Battle to 12 Round Draw

Middleweight bout doesn't deliver

Middleweight bout doesn't deliver Sugar Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora are two of the top middleweights in professional boxing in recent history. Mosley was hoping to use the fight as a stepping-stone to a higher paying fight. Mora was hoping to use the fight to put his name in contention for the middleweight championship. However, at the end of the night, both men were unable to fulfill their goals.

The fight that headed a card featuring crowd-pleasing victories by Daniel Ponce de Leon, Victor Ortiz, and Saul Alvarez, ended in a disappointing draw.

Mosley, who at age 39, was hoping to get a big win in order to eliminate the memory of his great loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr this past June came up short. Mosley was hoping to get his 47th career victory, as well as his 40th career knockout.

On the flip side, Mora was looking to get win number 23.

After the bout ended, both men were booed by the crowd.

The judges were notably split on how they scored the fight. Lou Moret called the fight a draw at 114-114. David Denkin saw Mosley as the clear winner with a 116-112 score. And Kermit Bayless concluded his scorecard with Mora up 115-113.

After the fight Mora, the former 154 lb champion, said, “I should’ve listened to my corner. They were telling me that it was a close fight. I thought I was winning, so I didn’t fight as had because I have respect for Shane. I didn’t want to hurt him.”

No one round stood out for either man as neither dominated any of the fight.

Mosley landed a total of 161 punches out of the total of 522 that he threw. Mora on the other hand landed only 93 of the 508 that he attempted.

At the end of the day, the audience was far more impressed with the undercard of the night. The Mosley versus Mora bout ended up disappointing the audience in Los Angeles, as well as those watching at home.

After the decision, all Mosley had to say was, “we both fought hard. It was a good fight, a good decision.”

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