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May 28, 2022

Obama Talks To Senate Republicans, Talks Campaign Financing

Obama talks campaign financing
Official White House/Pete Souza

Obama talks campaign financing
Official White House/Pete Souza

San Francisco ( Obama has clearly grown tired of the way the Republican Party has been handling its business in the United States Senate. Instead of thinking clearly and passing legislature, the Republicans have been standing the way of most of the Democratic legislation in order to make it clear that they disagree with the party, despite good ideas that would most certainly boost the American economy and improve the country.

President Barack Obama addressed the issue in his radio address on Saturday.

Obama focused on the latest piece of legislation, a bill that would change the way politicians can advertise. Under current law, any corporation or entity can fund the political ads for any group or politician without the public knowing who they are and how much they are spending.

The funders can be influencing the politicians behind the scenes without the citizens of the United States of America knowing. Obama said that the people of America should have the highest influence.

The President said, “No matter how many ads they run, no matter how many elections they try to buy, the power to determine the fate of this country doesn’t lie in their hands. What’s at stake is not just an election, it’s our democracy itself.”

Obama has already talked about this issue in January. As part of his State of the Union Address, Obama expressed his displeasure with the Supreme Court decision allowing companies and special interest groups to fund elections without letting the public know. As Obama said, “We don’t know who’s behind these ads or who’s paying for them.”

Obama and his administration have been hard at work putting together legislature that would fix the problem at hand, but not surprisingly, Republicans are blocking its passage.

Obama said Saturday, “They’ve blocked this bill from even coming up for a vote in the Senate. It’s politics at its worst.”

With the economy being at the main focus of President Obama right now, the issue of political financing is also an important one as Midterm Elections are weeks away and campaigns are flooding the television screens, radio stations, and billboards of the United States of America.

With bipartisan support still very rare in the United States Congress during Obama’s presidency, Obama is more than likely hoping for a big day for Democrats on November 2nd so that they can take an overwhelming majority in the Senate and not have to deal with Republican blockades.

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