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September 26, 2020

Minnesota Prepares to Deal with Same Sex Marriage Debate, States on the Fence

In six months time, Minnesota voters are going to take to the polls to decide whether or not to ban same sex marriage via an amendment to the Minnesota state constitution.

The problem for the state is that it is not only home to one of the biggest gay communities in the country, but it is also home to very strong Republican conservatives such as Michele Bachmann.

Minnesota is not the only state struggling with the tough choice as Maine, Maryland, and the state of Washington are also going to vote on the issue in November.

The entire country is already split on the issue. As many states have banned same sex marriage, others have passed it or at the very least permit civil unions between same sex partners.

It is beginning to look like the issue of same sex marriage is going to be a deciding one in the Presidential election as well. President Obama has come out in support of same sex marriage and the movement towards further equality for all Americans, regardless of whether those Americans prefer the company of a man or a woman.

Romney on the other hand has taken the opposing stance.

Same sex marriage is becoming a more salient issue that is likely going to strongly effect the more moderate voters in November.

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