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September 18, 2020

Haiti Faces Another Tragedy, Cholera Ravages The Nation

Cholera strikes Haiti, killing hundreds
Michael Appleton/New York Times

Cholera strikes Haiti, killing hundreds
Michael Appleton/New York Times

San Francisco ( It has not even been an entire year since the nation of Haiti was essentially dismantled by an earthquake that left nearly a quarter of a million people dead. Because of the earthquake, the infrastructure, buildings, and economy of Haiti were destroyed. After support came from all around the world and as the recovery process is still going on, Haiti has been struck with another major disaster: this time in the form of a quickly spreading disease.

Just a few days ago reports began to sprinkle out of Haiti that hundreds were infected with cholera. First being detected in the northwestern region of Haiti, the disease has been spreading to the rest of the nation.

Cholera is a vicious disease that has the potential to kill a person within only four hours. The disease can be treated successfully with just a mixture of clean water, salt, and sugar. But cholera quickly dehydrates the human body and can be a dangerous killer.

Within just a few days, Haiti is already reporting over that 250 people has died because of the disease and over 3,100 in total are infected and at serious risk at the moment.

The Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, is already getting ready to defend itself if the disease manages to reach there. While the outbreak is reported to be contained over fifty miles north of Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital is determined to be safe rather than sorry.

On a positive note, Haitian officials are telling reporters that the percentage of those infected who are dying is now down to 8.2 percent from 10.6 percent late last week.

The Pan American Health Organization has advised Haiti to not lower its guard just yet as the statistics don’t mean that the disease is fully contained. The organization is suggesting that the outbreak can potentially spread even more in the coming days.

This is the first time in half of a century that cholera has struck. Imogen Wall of the United Nations have said that of all the potential disease outbreaks and other disasters that could have hit Haiti, cholera was “the one thing we though we were relatively safe on.”

It is still unknown how the outbreak started. No evidence has been collected as of yet to determine who or what caused the disease to hit Haiti.

As doctors and Haitian officials work together to overcome the outbreak in the coming days, the people of Haiti can only hope that the efforts will work before the death total climbs any higher.

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