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February 23, 2019

Flood Continues To Ravage Pakistan, Half a Million Told To Flee

Pakistan flood rages on

Pakistan flood rages onSan Francisco ( The flood in Pakistan has been slowly taking over the state over the last few weeks as over one fifth of the entire country is now under water. Millions are now estimated to be both homeless and at a high risk for serious water born illnesses that could take their lives.

Now, as the flood continues to move through the nation, the province of Sindh in southeast Pakistan is in danger. The government of Pakistan is telling the near half of a million people who live in the area that it is in their best interest to leave as soon as possible.

Making matters even worse for the state in turmoil is the fact that the projected weather for the next day is full of rainfall throughout all of Pakistan. With the Indus River overflowing and the pressure on the levees growing, the rainfall is just more bad news for a country already struggling to fight through the tragedy.

Due to the flooding, many of the residents of Pakistan are now refugees in their own home state. The country is already one that has been struggling for years financially and the flood will only derail the nation for years to come.

The United States and President Barack Obama are coming through for Pakistan. An additional fifty million dollars is going to be sent to Pakistan shortly, making the total number of American aid to Pakistan over the half decade a staggering 7.5 billion dollars, not including military contributions.

The United States government has made it clear that it will do all it can to assist Pakistan right now in its time of need. Supplies and relief are being sent to help make sure that illnesses don’t spread more than they are expected to and to make sure that the citizens of the country have shelter and food and water for the future.

As the tragedy in the Middle East rages on, approximately 1,600 people have already died; with thousand more subject to diseases from the dirty water they are forced to maneuver through in order to reach safety and shelter.

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