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May 25, 2020

Dropbox Announces Dropbox for Teams, Seeks to Link with Businesses

Dropbox, a popular online file sharing program that enables users to place files in online folders and link with other users, is reaching out to the professional workplace.

Other than music sharing and use as online storage, business men and women have used Dropbox to share important documents without using email attachments.

Now, the company is looking to officially link with the corporations where those business men and women work with Dropbox for Teams.

The main criticism of Dropbox is that its security measures are not as tight as some companies would like.

The moves by Dropbox are that like many companies, such as Apple, are making in file sharing software and storage in the “cloud.”

Dropbox enables users to access files without zip files or downloading attachments. And the best thing about Dropbox is that you get a few GB of storage for free to begin with, then you can purchase more. Dropbox for Teams will come with 1,000 GB for $795 per year.

Over 45 millions people use Dropbox, and with “cloud” storage growing in popularity, the number is sure to increase.


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