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March 01, 2021

Obama Visits Denver, Talks to College Students

This morning, President Obama hit the final day of his three-day trip to rally support for the administration. Today, Obama’s target audience was college students.

Obama announced new policies to make repaying college loans easier for graduating college students. As tuition and fees are rising throughout the nation, there has been a great demand to have something done. So, at the University of Denver, Obama announced the little he can do without needing to compromise with the Republican dominated House of Representatives via executive actions that Congress does not need to approve.

Obama connected with the college students, as when he and the First Lady both graduated Law School, they owed a total of $120,000 between the two of them.

Obama called on students to take action and work with him to get change for policies via getting a Democrat dominated House and Senate so his proposals can pass through without being stripped down by Republicans. In an era where even if a student goes to community college before transferring to a university and only spends two years there, even if commuting from home, the debt at the end of two years at a university with cutting all possible costs is still at least $20,000 for many.

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