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May 26, 2020

Buffalo, New York to Obama: “I Need A Freakin’ Job”

Los Angeles ( – In advance of President Obama’s town hall meeting in Buffalo, NY unemployed workers put up a billboard explaining to Obama that they “need a freakin’ job.”  The creator behind the clever billboard is Jeff Baker, who is an unemployed father.  Baker lost his family owned textiles business back in 2008 when the economy started to go south.  His ten year old business was caught in the banking collapse and while the economy has started showing signs of recovery Baker claims he has to see any of the benefits.

Baker claims the whole reason for putting up the billboard was to “refocus the national dialogue” back to “basic job creation.”  He felt this was a good opportunity to spread that message with President Obama in town on part of his “White House to Main Street” tour.  The billboard has already started a buzz on Facebook.  Just hours after this story appearing on CNN’s American Morning the Facebook page already has thousands of fans.

This is one of the more creative ways people have tried to grab the attention of the president and let him know just how much they are struggling in this poor economy.  Hopefully this billboard will help get President Obama’s attention so that he can focus on this issue while holding his town hall meeting in Buffalo, NY.  Much like the rest of the country many people are struggling to find work in Buffalo and I am sure they would love to hear what the President is planning on doing to help create more jobs around the country.

While the economy is slowly starting to recover I think there is still a lot of work yet to be done.  Hopefully some issues and concerns can be addressed by President Obama today during his meeting that will help ease some of the stress that unemployed citizens are feeling.

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