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September 28, 2022

Obama Takes on Childhood Obesity

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Poverty, the H1N1 Virus, AIDS, and debt: these are some of the major problems that have plagued Americans in recent history. However, one of the fastest growing pandemics in the United States is obesity. Most notably, the issue that needs addressing is childhood obesity. For the first time in American history, the current generation of children is not expected to outlive their parents.

The Obama administration has taken on the challenge of decreasing childhood obesity. Led by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, the task force in charge of making the children of America healthier has high hopes for the future. Obama has set her sights on bringing down the childhood obesity rate to 5% by 2030. The current rate is 20%. Furthermore, 25% of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 are too obese to serve in the military.

The Obama administration has created a plan with 70 points that include the changing of American school meals, education on nutrition, and the level of accessibility to healthy foods.

The childhood obesity rate, which has risen 16% since the 1970’s, is expected to be lowered by 2.5% in 5 years, and another 2.5% in the subsequent half-decade. According to the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) designed by the USDA, the American score of 55.9 out of 100 is 24.1 points shy of resembling a healthy nation. The Obama administration hops to raise the score to 65 in the next 5 years, and another 5 points by 2020.

The aspects of the plan include cutting the amount of sugar in the diets of American children, as well as increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

The starting point according to the plan is to educate women. The plan calls for teaching women how to maintain healthy weight while they’re pregnant. The next step is to educate America on nutrition and physical activity.

An increase in nutritional information provided in restaurants and food companies will also be suggested. Also, the introduction of healthy foods via grocery stores to impoverished neighborhoods will be recommended. The quality and amount of physical education and activity in schools via PE classes in schools and the construction of parks is encouraged as well.

While the majority of Americans are focusing on the Health Care debate and the ongoing issues in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama administration is silently taking care of one of the biggest problems in the United States. The plan suggested by the Obama’s will not decrease the federal budget, it won’t reduce prices of domestic goods, it won’t end any international conflicts, and it won’t rebuild the economy. However, it will provide the children of the United States with a healthier tomorrow and a higher quality of life.

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