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January 19, 2022

United States Continues Fight With Terrorism, Eyes on Pakistan


One cannot simply ignore the fact that Osama bin Laden was calmly hanging out in Pakistan. We do not know how long the al Qaeda leader was there, but based on the development of his hideout and all of the possessions he had there it is safe to say that he had been there for quite some time.

This leads United States officials to wonder if the state has been actively protecting its own borders and inspecting its own compounds well enough. If Osama bin Laden was able to hide within their borders, it is safe to assume that less notorious terrorists may also be within the country’s borders.

President Barack Obama made it clear that this is an issue and the fight against terrorism is still on and more intense than ever.

He said in an interview with BBC on Sunday, “We are very respectful of the sovereignty of Pakistan, but we cannot allow someone who is actively planning to kill our people or our allies’ people, we can’t allow those kind of active plans to come to fruition without us taking some action.”

Obama went on to say that he plans to go about business with full respect towards the Pakistani government and their laws, but that the battle against terrorism is too important and that if an opportunity presented itself, Obama would take it.

As a result of the raid that saw the murder of bin Laden, Pakistani officials are upset with the United States for going into their regions and taking over their air space without authorization from the Pakistani government.

Obama responded by saying that more terrorists have been captured in Pakistan than any other state. As a result, the hope is that over time and hopefully very soon, “we start seeing a more effective cooperative relationship” between the United States and Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

It is clear that the United States has its sights set to take terrorism head on in an effort to continue to the destruction of organizations like al Qaeda. The teamwork with Pakistan is dearly needed.

With the Pakistani government and military working within their own borders to fight off terrorists who make their homes in their state, combined with the efforts of the American military, the possibility of finally getting rid of terrorism once and for all seems that much more likely.

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  1. “the possibility of finally getting rid of terrorism once and for all seems that much more likely.”

    This is the dumbest phrase I think I’ve ever heard.

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