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August 09, 2022

United Nations Release New Reports, North Korea Sharing Nuclear Missile Technology



San Francisco ( North Korea has been the subject of numerous sanctions from the United Nations pertaining to their use of nuclear technology, programs, and weapons. With the hammer coming down on the isolationist state from the United Nations, United States, and other powers in the world, North Korea has remained defiant and has now taken things one step further.

Reports coming from the United Nations indicate that North Korean officials have shared technology about their nuclear missiles and ballistic missiles with numerous states.

A report that was written by seven experts in the international community said that North Korea is playing a big role in “nuclear and ballistic missile-related activities in certain countries, including Iran, Syria, and Myanmar.” The report, which was 75 pages long, urged nations to be cautious of North Korea and the states they are reportedly sharing nuclear technology with.

The information was compiled nearly half of a year ago, but was only released this week. The reason for the six months delay was that China was not happy with the release of the report. China is one of the few trading partners and allies of North Korea, mostly due to the fact that the two nations share a border.

The report claims that North Korea has went around the numerous sanctions placed upon them. To still go about their business, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been covering up their finances with, as the report said, “overseas entities, shell companies, informal transfer mechanisms, cash couriers, and barter arrangements.”

The report also adamantly states that the country led by Kim Jong Il “has established a highly sophisticated international network for the acquisition, marketing, and sale of arms and military equipment, and arms exports have become one of the country’s principal sources for obtaining foreign exchange.”

To go about their business, which was banned by the United Nations, North Korea has used cargo planes to send the military equipment and weapons. In addition, the state is also sending the equipment unassembled to the other defiant states.

North Korea has not seen any new sanctions imposed on them in 2010. However, if the information in the report proves to be factual, the United Nations are sure to take immediate action on North Korea. Any potential sanctions on North Korea are expected to be the strictest and most serious ones ever placed on the states.

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