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April 19, 2024

Snooki Pregnant, Jersey Shore Star Battling Rumors

For weeks now, rumors have been circulating that Nicole Polizzi, better known to the world as Snooki from the MTV hit reality show Jersey Shore, is pregnant.

Snooki is reportedly preggers with the baby of long time boyfriend Jionni. The two have been denying the rumors all month long, but the media is persistent.

Snooks told reporters that she does want to be a mother, but that is not in the works at the moment and it is still a ways down the line for her.

However, the New York Post is claiming that sources close to Snooki say that she is in fact pregnant and is hoping to give birth on television. With the planned Jersey Shore spin off featuring Jenni and Snooki already filming for MTV, it might just happen.

No one from Snooki’s camp has said anything about the new reports by the New York Post, but it is known that filming for the new show is going well. No one on the show is giving hints as to whether Snooki is pregnant, such as whether or not she is staying away from alcohol.

Only time will tell if Snooki is pregnant or not.

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