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September 24, 2023

SB 1070 Explained – a Summary of Arizona’s Law on Immigration

Assuming the Senate Bill 1070 (SB 1070) does not get overruled it will take effect on July 29. Many people still seem to either not understand the law or mis-interpret the law so we will provide a quick break-down and summary.

Obama SB 1070

  • Currently any law enforcement officer may check on the legal status of a person suspected of a crime, but with SB 1070 it will be mandatory for law enforcement to check. This is one of the main differences of having SB 1070 versus not having it. Most people do not realize that police already have the right to check on a person’s legal or illegal status. The only exception will be if checking on a person’s residential status hinders an investigation (ie: scares off suspects, etc).
  • SB 1070 does not make it mandatory for the police to arrest illegal immigrants. The law stays silent about this issue, leaving it up to the officer to determine just cause.
  • Anyone arrested cannot be released from custody until Arizona police check with federal agencies on the status of the arrested person.
  • Arizona police are not required to submit illegal immigrants to federal authorities.
  • There is a rarely enforced federal law from 1940 called “willful failure to carry an alien registration form”. It’s punishable as a misdemeanor crime and will now be enforced in Arizona.  Legal residence have nothing to worry about with this part of the law as they cannot be arrested for not carrying “papers”.
  • Arizona does not consider this “racial profiling”, however border patrol has special leeway when it comes to considering race. Courts will later decide if this permission will be extended to officers as well.
  • SB 1070 makes it illegal for illegal immigrants to work, does not allow them to solicit work and does not allow anyone to hire illegals. It is also illegal to aid an illegal immigrant to travel or hide in the United States. The only exception to this rule is if you are driving them to school or to a hospital. Arizona says this portion will be adhered to in a very honest way by judging someone’s intent in aiding illegals versus helping them to a hospital or school.

I hope this summary helps you understand State Bill 1070 in Arizona a little more. For a full pdf of the bill you can find it here.

What do you of SB 1070? Leave your comments below.

8 Comments on SB 1070 Explained – a Summary of Arizona’s Law on Immigration

  1. This is a great law in my opinion. People just don’t understand that most of the things cops can now do they’ve always had a right to do. When someone’s here illegally… what do you expect???

  2. This law has its advantages and disadvantages. Although this would really help solve the illegal immigration problem just imagine what would happen to someone who looks different. Stereotyping and discrimination would be rampant.

  3. i think this law is unnessacary. its racial profiling.
    people dont deserve this. Thoes ILLEGEALS you ppl call them are the ILLEGALS who do the hard work non of you want to do. After all these years now there making it a bigger deal?? && These cops are gettting to big headed about it . they arrested an imigrant for NO reason! Sent him to ICE and everything. He got realsed because he was sent in for no reason. people need to take this into consideration. all were doing is starting and building up a new war. and when we get bombed up. then what are we going to do!

  4. this law is not great ! it shouldnt be in anyone’s opinion.
    Can everyone not see how this is affecting everyone in each way? Little kids, mothers, fathers. One day they leave home, something happens and next thing you know you get a call saying we are taking your family member in with no reason.
    They leave so they can do better here. So they can support there family’s. To have a better life. And with this law there all falling becasue there scared, worried ! and dont want to leave there family’s !
    –Rosa Castruita

  5. I am doing a research paper on the subject and still find it unclear from one website to the next. It is my understanding that if you are pulled over in Arizona for anything and don’t have your driver’s license with you, the officer has no choice but to arrest you and detain you until who can prove you are here legally. It took my mother 3 years to renew her green card after 9/11 and she has lived here for 40 years!!! People don’t realize how hard it is to get papers in this country.

  6. the law is unnecessary. if officers already had the right to ask you for your legal status, then why do u have to make a law that RE states that they have the right to ask for your damn legal status? this law also includes that no one may hire illegal “aliens” cool, well you weren’t allowed to anyway and no one will because the country is full of racist bastards. now, these people are doing the work your butt wont do. their spending their money on your stores, paying taxes to your government. haa, why don’t they make a law that illegal people don’t have to pay those nine extra cents when they pay for clothes,a car,ect.? this law is straight up dumb. i cant believe i belong to this. i am officially ashamed of being a citizen. its destroying our government. its destroying families. i had my hero taken away from me like this. and that is life-changing. its not that hard to understand that this law is only racial profiling and bringing attention to to immigration, thats all they want, to make the problem bigger, seems like war and recession isn’t one bit enough for these people.

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