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May 28, 2022

Octomom and Tattoo Cause Uproar Over Diaper Fetish Video

Source: TMZ

Octomom, real name Nadya Suleman, goes from the Oprah show last week to causing an uproar over a leaked video of her in a tight black corset spanking a grown man in a diaper. The man dressed in a diaper is former Power 106 Big Boy’s neighborhood radio personality Tattoo, real name David Gonzalez. Tattoo was let go from Big Boy’s neighborhood in mid-2010 and has since signed on with Rick Dees. Tattoo was a personal favorite for his controversial and outspoken on-air personality but his release from the station came as a surprise to many who listened.

Source: TMZ

Octomom, famous for being mother of 14 children, and more recently announcing she is a month away from being completely broke, went on the Oprah show last Friday to get financial guidance from guru Suze Orman. Suleman revealed she raised around $1,500 from a yard sale she put on but apparently forgot to give credit to the brilliant mind who orchestrated the yard sale… Tattoo. Suleman credited Orman for the idea.

In an apparent revenge move, Tattoo leaked the video to TMZ. David Gonzalez says he was not paid for the tape but leaked it because he was upset Suleman did not credit him with putting together the whole yard sale for her.

“Orman lives in a gated community, she doesn’t even know what a yard sale is,” Tattoo said. “I organized that yard sale. That was my mastermind plan. (Nadya Suleman) gave everything to Suze Orman. You know how that made me feel? It was just terrible.”

Tattoo goes on to say if the video was on Saturday Night Live it would be considered funny, but since it was not, people are upset. He says it was a joke; and if you watch the video, it clearly was a spoof.

The mainstream media is framing the story as though it was a fetish adult video but it is far from that. It is clearly a spoof. Some may think it is in bad taste but personally it entertained me. What more can you ask for from spoof videos.I guess today was a slow news day for mainstream media and they had to turn the video into something it is not.

The date of the when the video was made is not clear but Tattoo says it was done the day before Octomom’s yard sale.

I dug around some more and found two other photos of Gonzalez and Suleman at dinner in March 2009 on the Radio Big Boy site.

The most important thing the main stream media is not mentioning is that these types of publicity stunts and comical videos are an every day part of Tattoo’s radio personality. It was common for him to make these types of videos on a weekly basis and the fetish video with Octomom is no different.

You can watch the full video here. Disclaimer: it may be offensive to some; it won’t be offensive to most.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave a comment below.

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