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November 27, 2022

Obama Visits India, Announces Plans For American Exports

Obama announces trade agreement with India

Obama announces trade agreement with India

San Francisco ( After making the increase of American exports to the rest of the world one of his goals in helping restore the economy of the United States, President Obama has already raised the amount of American exports.

To kick off his tour of the Eastern Hemisphere, Obama stopped in India on Saturday to announce some big plans. Those plans center around ten billion dollars in deals that will bring American products into India.

Obama told attendees of the United States and India Business Council and Entrepreneurship Summit in Mumbai “The United States sees Asia, and especially India, as a market of the future. For America, this is a jobs strategy.”

After many years of jobs being outsourced to India, now jobs will be created in America to produce the goods that India will import.

The President said, “In 2010, trade between our countries is not just a one way street of American jobs and companies moving to India. It is a dynamic, two way relationship that is creating jobs, growth, and higher living standards in both our countries.”

In addition to making the trade agreement with India, Obama is also expected to make progressions in previous negotiations with South Korea. Obama said in the New York Times on Saturday that he will “work to complete a trade pact (with South Korea) that could be worth tens of billions of dollars in increased exports and thousands of jobs for American workers.”

Obama then pointed out that according to statistics, for every one billion dollars in exports, over five thousand jobs are created in the United States. The new deal with India is projected to create approximately 54,000 jobs for American workers.

All of Obama’s work with India, South Korea, and other nations is part of his agenda to at the very least double exports from the United States in the next few years. As statistics show, if successful, an enormous amount of jobs would be created in the United States and thus would lower the high unemployment rate.

Obama’s trip to Asia has just begun and he is expected to make even more announcements pertaining to trade and the American economy in the coming days.

In the end, Obama is delivering on his promises to improve the trade balance in the United States and to make the United States less dependent on foreign goods, especially oil.

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