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September 28, 2022

Obama Talks GOP and Deficit

President Barack Obama has been fairly patient with the lack of bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House of Representatives so far in his term in office. However, Obama is finally calling attention to the enormous rift between the two major parties of the United States.

Obama slammed Republicans for standing in the way of passing highly necessary legislature for the sake of saving money for themselves and the corporations of America while blocking legislature that would help out the small businesses and citizens of the United States. Obama pointed out that the massive recession in the United States came about because of the previous administration led by former President George W. Bush. During his speech in Racine, Wisconsin Obama, President Obama made it clear that the views of neoconservatives such as Dick Cheney are pointless having said, “we already tried the other side’s ideas.”

Obama made it clear that new ideas are needed to construct a better tomorrow with a stronger, more stable economy.

Obama shared his dismay with the pace of growth in the economy, which he called slow. Obama also expressed his disappoint with the slow improvements of the unemployment rate. Most importantly, Obama made it crystal clear that the federal deficit needs to be attended to in order to fix the problems currently facing the United States and its citizens.

Obama said, “all of us should be worried about the fact that we have been running the credit card in the name of future generations and somebody’s going to have to pay that back.” Obama is well aware that the ways of American government need to be altered in order to preserve the principles of America. Obama is now taking care of the problems foreseen by former President Jimmy Carter, but drowned out by the empty rhetoric of Ronald Reagan.

With adjustments coming to Medicare and Social Security, as well a financial reform that would protect America from another Wall Street meltdown, a stronger America with a stronger economy looks to be coming.

As President Obama is doing what Jimmy Carter called for over three decades ago, the American Dream and way of life may be resurrected to what it was meant to be. Values may be restored in America and the constant pursuit for more and more financial and tangible gain might finally be put in check after years of running the American line of credit to an extensive length that nearly paralyzed the economy the new millennium.

If Obama can find some bipartisan support and run the country the way it is intended to be run, a complete recovery would be very realistic and likely.

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