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January 19, 2022

Obama Rallies Days Before Midterm Elections, Visits Three States

Obama on final days of campaign trail
Larry Downing/Reuters

Obama on final days of campaign trail
Larry Downing/Reuters

San Francisco ( With the Midterm Elections just days away, most of the campaigning and rallying for seats in Congress, Governor positions, and all other open positions in politics is over. This Tuesday, the citizens of the United States of American will file into voting booths throughout the nation and use their votes to say who they want running the government. However, even though the election is now extremely close, that does not mean that some last minute rallying won’t help.

And that is why President Barack Obama visited three states on Saturday for some promoting of his Democratic colleagues. With the chances of Democrats losing the majority in Congress to Republicans appearing to be high, Obama knows that every last bit of campaigning is important.

During the day, the President stopped in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Obama stressed the need for voters to come out on Tuesday and support the Democrats and all that they stand for. As Republicans threaten to work to overturn the majority of Obama’s policies and reforms, the need for Democratic support is higher than ever.

Obama told his audience, “It’s difficult all across the country. And unless each and every one of you turn out and get your friends to turn out and get your families to turn out, then we can fall short and all the progress we’ve made over the last couple of years can be rolled back.”

Obama’s campaign trail is not over yet. Sunday, the President will visit Cleveland State University.

After Sunday, Obama will return to the White House. At the end of his campaign trail, Obama’s audiences for his rallies and campaigning over the last few months will total at approximately 200,000 people.

Obama has been stressing the message that it was the Republicans who led this country into the economic hole that it is in. He has also made it clear that the policies that the Republicans are offering are no different from the ones that created the current crisis years ago.

Obama has been reiterating the work of the Democrats and all of the progressions made since he was elected in 2008. He has been promoting the benefits of his reforms and policies.

With just a few days remaining before the Midterm Elections of 2010, the message to get out and vote is more prevalent than ever. The results of the elections on Tuesday will determine which one of two drastically different paths the United States of America will take for the next two years.

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