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August 15, 2022

Obama Promotes Harry Reid

San Francisco ( After assisting Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic Leader in Nevada on Thursday on his campaign trail and taking aim at the Tea Party and Sharron Angle for her extremist comments, Obama continued his support of Reid Friday. During his second day in Nevada, Obama also commented on his economic plans.

As he is looking to keep his spot in office for an astounding fifth term, Harry Reid is depending highly on the support of President Barack Obama to help him retain office and fend off both Republicans and the Tea Party.

After raising nearly $800,000 in front over three thousand people on Thursday, Obama spoke again for Reid at an event located within the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Friday.

During his second speech in Las Vegas this year, Nevada, President Obama praised the toughness of Harry Reid and his ability to fight off adversity and negativity. Obama said, “When he first told me he was a boxer, he said, ‘Barack, I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the hardest hitting, but I knew hot to take a punch.”

Obama went on to comment on Reid’s perseverance and strengths. President Obama expressed that “Harry Reid became a pretty good boxer because he would simply outlast his opponents. He had a stronger will and I think that tells you something about the kind of person he is.”

With his two days of support for Harry Reid, Obama made it clear that Reid is the man for the job and that Sharron Angle of the new Tea Party is definitely not. With Angle’s comments on the Oil Spill that took place in the Gulf of Mexico and the reactions by the United States and the oil company, BP, Angle made some enormous mistakes with her choice of words, which she later had to retract.

With all of his experience behind him and the support of arguably the most powerful man in the entire world, the President of the United States Barack Obama, Harry Reid can remain confident that he will in fact defeat Sharron Angle and the Tea Party to retain his seat in office for a tremendous fifth term.

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