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August 15, 2022

Obama Closer To Peace In The Middle East

San Francisco ( In his first year and a half in office as the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has made peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine one of his main objectives. With his hard pressing, especially over the previous few months with his discussions with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama is finally reaching some strongly desired progress in his quest for Middle East peace.

Friday, Obama’s hopes received a big boost towards become reality thanks Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine. President Abbas announced that he is determined to achieve Obama’s goal of peace between Israel and Palestine. Adding to the strong commitment of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Abbas’ cooperation is a highly welcomed action that improves the chances of a long lasting peace agreement.

President Obama learned of Abbas’ willingness to talk about an official agreement with Israel Friday during a phone call. Obama took the call while in the White House.

Obama is said to have been pleased with the discussion and Abbas’ attitude toward the situation. Obama touted the recent “restraint” of Palestine and Abbas in the last few months in acting peacefully with Israel and not allowing previous problems affect today’s issues.

Obama is the one man who has spoken to both Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas. Obama is playing the role of mediator in this attempt to reach peace and if recent comments by both nations are any indication, the peacemaking attempts of President Barack Obama are working.

As both sides are very willing to come together to finally resolve one of the world’s longest running conflicts, peace in the Middle East is finally becoming a realistic possibility.

Abbas and Netanyahu have both said that they are working to find a resolution and are planning to sit down together to find that resolution. President Obama has worked vigorously during his first term in office, and if he succeeds on his goal pertaining to Israel and Palestine, then by the end of his first term, peace in the Middle East will finally be achieved.

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