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July 26, 2021

Obama Makes Nomination and Signs Act

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President Barack Obama announced his nomination for the new head of the FBI’s Transportation Security Administration. John Pistole, who is a current FBI Deputy Director, was the man that Obama nominated.

The focus of the job that Pistole has been nominated for would be to up the security of airports in the United States via improving screening procedures. Also included in the job’s duties is to protect the roads and railroads of America from terrorism. Obama has stated that the position of head of the department is the most significant role within the administration that is not filled.

Pistole, who has been with the FBI since 1983, is Obama’s third nominee for the position as the first two men, Erroll Southers and Army Major General Robert Harding both withdrew from the running.

In other Obama news, the President of the United States has signed a new act. The Daniel Pearl Freedom of Press Act is intended to increase protection for free press throughout the globe.

The act is named after Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Pearl. Pearl was beheaded in 2002 while in Pakistan where his right to freedom of press was violated. Obama said that the new law should serve as a warning to the nations of the world that the way they treat freedom of press and reporters and other members of the media is being observed and won’t be taken lightly.

With the actions of President Obama, the world is becoming safer for the men and women in it. The airports, roads, and railroads in the United States are one step closer to having a new leader with an impressive background to being completely safe from any and all terror threats. And the freedom of press is being extended to the rest of the world, as the countries of the world now know that any mistreatment of the media will not be tolerated by any means.

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