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September 28, 2022

Obama Explains Health Bill

San Francisco ( For much of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, the main issue in American politics was health care reform. After finally being granted a few months ago, more and more people are accepting the bill. However, the senior citizens of the United States needed some more evidence. And that is exactly where President Barack Obama steps in.

Obama fielded numerous questions during his visit to Wheaton, Maryland to try to calm any remaining concerns.

With elections looming, Obama is clarifying the bill as much as he and expressing it’s benefits inside and out to the citizens of America. One of the benefits includes a $250 check for each of the 4 million Medicare recipients who are in the prescription medicine coverage gap. The first group of checks is scheduled to go out on Thursday and will be sent to 80,000 American senior citizens.

Furthermore, Obama assured his audience that “the guaranteed Medicare benefits that you’ve earned will not change.”

Among other benefits, Obama did inform his fellow Americans that due to financial constraints, some of the aspects of the bill wouldn’t be in effect for a few years. However, the President retained a positive attitude about the good that the health reform will bring over time.

To further provide for the American citizens, Obama is also taking measures to limit Medicare fraud by the time 2013 rolls around.

Despite the enormous problems caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama has not forgotten about the rest of America and their concerns with the health care bill and how it will affect them. The President is working hard to handle all of his duties. And as his work in the last year serves to show, his top priority is the well being and service of the American people.

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