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July 19, 2024

Obama Cuts Costs, Freezes Government Bonuses

Obama Works To Fix Deficit
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Obama Works To Fix Deficit
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San Francisco ( All across the United States of America, families and businesses have had to cut back on costs and experience less luxuries in order to make ends meet. Some have had to eliminate unnecessary essentials while others have had to make drastic downgrades in their standards of living. President Barack Obama is aware of this and in an effort to have even more money available to support the men and women of the United States, President Obama has put a freeze on bonuses and all money gifts and awards to federal officials.

President Obama said on Tuesday that much “like households and businesses across the country, the federal government is tightening its belt.”

President Obama is doing everything he can to do right by the American people and decrease the budget deficit of the federal government. And Obama is willing to do all the big things such as financial reforms, as well as the little things like making cuts in his own administration.

Obama has already frozen senior staff officials’ salaries in the federal government, as well as pushed for a freeze for senior political appointees.

Unlike the latter, Obama does not need the support of Congress nor any bill to freeze financial rewards, bonuses, and changes in pay to federal political appointees.

Obama’s order will save the government of the United States an approximate 1.9 million dollars by not allowing bonuses to be delivered to the 2,900 government workers.

Obama said in his order, I appreciate the hard work of our federal workforce and understand how important these payments can be to many workers and their families. Yet like households and businesses across the country, we need to make tough choices about how to spend our funds.”

Obama is clearly determined to eliminate the national budget deficit. While many have criticized his choice of who to place reforms and cuts upon, no one can criticize Obama’s movement to sacrifice his own administrations salaries.

Obama, who is also on a fixed salary himself, is working hard to bring the United States out of a recession, and even his own administration is making a sacrifice in order to help Obama succeed.

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