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November 29, 2023

Obama Comments On Health Care, Says Reform Is Working

Obama touts health care reform

Obama touts health care reformSan Francisco ( It was not too long ago that the most heated topic in all of the American political world was that of the Health Care Reform instituted by President Barack Obama that was talked about for decades prior. After much compromise and endless debating, Obama was able to persuade the United States House of Representatives and Senate to pass the measure and provide more affordable health to the citizens of the United States of America.

The citizens of America were divided practically down the middle as to whether or not the reform was necessary or beneficial. But despite the lack of bipartisan support with a total of zero Republican votes and the division throughout the country, the measure was passed in March.

Wednesday, Obama spoke about the reform in Falls Church, Virginia. Obama made it clear that the reform is doing its main goal: providing Americans with better medical rates at a time when rates are growing notably faster than salaries.

Obama spoke with citizens who have already benefited from the new reform that is still being looked down upon by most Republicans. He made it clear that the best way to promote the reform is to share the stories of the people who have already seen benefits from it.

Thursday will see the day that new aspects of the bill will go into effect and begin to benefit Americans all over. Obama said, “We are now actually able to provide some help to the American people.”

Thursday, aspects that will go into effect include the ability to stay under ones parents health coverage until one is 26 years of age, ban the rejection of coverage for children just because they have pre-existing conditions, and the end of lifetime limits, to name a few.

Obama argued that despite Republicans claim that the reform is the Democrats way to allow the government to control health care, the reform is really “designed to make sure you’re (American citizens) getting what you paid for.”

Republicans are currently demanding that the bill be repealed if they take over Congress after the Midterm Elections. Republicans are claiming that the reform will actually hurt the economy.

However, the Congressional Budget Office is estimating that the reform would end up reducing the government cost for health care by one trillion dollars.

With just a matter of weeks until the Midterm Elections, President Obama is making the case for he and his party’s work and accomplishments and shooting down the negativity presented by the Republicans.

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