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March 22, 2023

Muslim Protests Erupt Around the World, United States Struggles to Keep Embassies Safe

This past week, there was good reason for Muslims around the world to be upset. A movie trailer hit the Internet this past week. The trailer was promoting a hostile and negative movie that was blatantly anti-Islam. The film was made in the United States without the support or assistance from any public figures or companies, including any major film companies.

There have been numerous protests throughout the Muslim world. Some of these protests were peaceful and calm with members of the Muslim community simply expressing their disapproval of the extremely offensive film. However, other protests were not peaceful and were in fact fairly violent.


It is very understandable why the Muslim world was upset. It is very understandable why the Muslim world came out in protest to the film. After all, the film is arguably the most offensive, insensitive, and bigoted film since The Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith was released in 1915 and sparked the growth of the KKK.

But the violence exhibited in the protests is never acceptable. Police officers have been injured and attacked. Buildings like schools in Tunisia have been burned down. Vehicles have been destroyed. American embassies have been attacked all over the world.

It is being reported that the violence and danger levels are dropping back down now. However, there is still fear for the safety of the American embassies and Americans overseas. Even top political officials at Yemen have asked American Marines to leave the state. The leaders of foreign nations are fearful that Americans presence would only raise the risk for further violence and destruction.

American Safety

The United States has reported that it is closing its embassy in Yemen until the end of the month. After being attacked once, there is fear that it would be attacked again and Americans officials are not going to risk the lives of more diplomats or anyone workings at or near the embassy in Sanaa.

American troops still may go to other states to protect diplomats in case of further violence. Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State, has openly said that if the leaders of states around the world do not take responsibility and “restore security,” then the United States will have no choice but to come in and protect American diplomats regardless of what foreign governments think is best. Simply, if a state cannot keep order to protect diplomats in their state, then the United States is not going to let the irresponsibility of these leaders lead to the deaths of more American diplomats and ambassadors.

Inappropriate Reactions

As various embassies in various states around the world have been targeted by the Muslim protests, one cannot help but be disappointed in the violent reaction.

There are many who are condemning the Muslim world for the violent response. But this too is wrong. The fact of the matter is it is a small number of protesters who have become violent and decided to be destructive, commit arson, and attack foreign embassies. It is a few protesters that have made all of the protesters look violent and dangerous.

Again it is a few who cause the problems. The reports of anti-American chants and protests were also committed by the few, not the many. Much like how in the United States extreme conservatives or extreme liberals seem to take center stage instead of the moderates, in these protests it is the few extremists who have taken the attention of the media. But much like there are many more people towards the middle than at the extremes in America, the same is said for the Muslim world.

This is why so many are wrong in condemning the entire Muslim World. Those who became violent and could not peacefully voice their disapproval over the film deserve the criticism they get. They are the ones who see the images in the film and end up doing things that help support the views of the film. But we should be looking at the rest of the Muslim World. We should take notice of those who are peacefully responding. We should respect those with the ability to not let the opinion of one private filmmaker turn them into violent individuals who destroy their own towns and condemn another country for the work of one man with a camera.


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