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April 19, 2024

Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty, Faces Felony Charges

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The downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan continued on Wednesday. The tragic figure that has become the example of how not to handle fame came into more legal trouble. The new problems she is facing might be enough to put the actress in prison.

Lohan has been on probation from a drunk driving charge brought up against her in 2007, but after she was reported to have violated the terms of the probation, it has been revoked.

Lohan is being accused of stealing a necklace in California in January. She allegedly took it from a jewelry store.

Judge Keith Schwartz of the Los Angeles Superior Court is overseeing her case.

Wednesday, Lohan gave in her plea of not guilty during her arraignment.

Judge Schwartz gave Lohan a $20,000 bond for the charge of felony grand theft in addition to another $20,000 for violating her probation.

Schwartz made it clear that he is tired of Lohan showing up in the courtroom. He told her, “Please don’t push your luck, I am telling you. Things will be different.”

Lohan was only three weeks from potentially have her supervised probation end. And just five weeks ago, she completed her drug rehab.

Lohan, who allegedly stole the necklace on January 22nd in Venice, California, maintained her composure during the arraignment and even smiled a few times.

Lohan gave the necklace to authorities before they were about to start a search of her apartment in Venice.

For Lohan to go to prison for the charge, it must be proven that she intentionally took the piece of jewelry.

The actress, who has been entertaining millions since she was a child, could face anywhere from six months in a state prison facility, to as much as three years.

The value of the necklace, which is claimed to be $2,500, will play a factor in how much time she would spend in jail if she is found guilty.

It is possible that the charge might be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Lindsay Lohan has been in the limelight for most of her life. Her life has taken some undeniably unfortunate turns that now leave her potentially facing some serious prison time. No matter what one’s personal opinions of the actress are, the young woman is still innocent until proven guilty. Despite the negativity about her that is seemingly always present in the media, she still has the right to a fair trial.

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