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June 28, 2022

Judge Issues Prop 8 Ruling, Same Sex Marriage To Resume

Schwarzenegger Supports Judicial Ruling
Schwarzenegger Supports Judicial Ruling

San Francisco ( – After Proposition 8 was reversed in a California court last week by Vaughn Walker, the Chief United States District Judge, questions rose over when will same sex marriages be allowed to resume in the state. The ban of same sex marriage was decided to be unconstitutional by Walker in San Francisco last week, an example of the judicial branches power of Judicial Review. Another judge ruled on Thursday when the unions will be allowed to take place again.

The federal judge selected August 18th as the date that the marriages will resume. The decision is more than likely going to be appealed and will go up to the United States Supreme Court for a final ruling. If the case does make its way up to the Supreme Court, it will without a doubt become one of the biggest decisions ever for the court to make, as it makes a strong stance on where the line on civil rights is drawn.

President Barack Obama has supported the new decision. Obama did not pick a side in the battle over whether or not same sex couples should get the right the marry at the beginning of his term, and he has stuck to his guns, allowing each state to make its own ruling.

California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has supported the ruling as well, calling for the immediate allowance of same sex couples to marry legally.

The Courage Campaign’s Rick Jacobs said that “today’s ruling means that in less than one week equality under the law will be restored for millions of loving families across California.”

California is now the sixth state to permit same sex marriages. The other five states are Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont. California previously allowed same sex marriages in 2008 before the passage of Prop 8 in the November elections, the same day that saw the election of President Barack Obama.

The case will now be brought in front of the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals. If appealed once again after that ruling, the Supreme Court will then hear the case.

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2 Comments on Judge Issues Prop 8 Ruling, Same Sex Marriage To Resume

  1. If the courts have no respect for marriage having been defined in Genesis 2:18-24 for thousands of years, and done so at a time before the existence of the government and courts of man, then how can the courts expect us, American Citizens, to have respect for their flash-in-the-pan decisions? If government is about bringing on the demise of our present civilization, they could not be doing a better job of it. Other than that, I think their decisions will fall upon those who know not to uphold the law of man above the law of God.
    Hey, is it just me or, does old judge walker look like a homowhore from the castro district of san fransicko who has seen its’ best trick a long time ago?

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