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April 19, 2024

Government Shutdown Looming, Republicans at Fault


March 4th is the current date for the expiration of the current deal on how to fund the American government. Not surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats are struggling to find common ground on a new deal as to how to fund the government.

The rest of fiscal year 2011 is the issue under debate. The two parties are not agreeing on how to go about the funding. Thus, a potential shutdown may occur on the 4th of next month.

But Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, is adamant about not allowing the shutdown to happen.

Reid wants to extend the current deal for thirty days so that the two parties can come together and work out an agreement without having to deal with a government shutdown at the same time.

One issue between the parties has to do with how Republicans in the House of Representatives decided to cut $61 billion from the current funding agreement for the rest of the fiscal year. Democrats were highly against the cut and are looking to find a middle ground with Republicans on the issue.

Reid is upset with the distance between Republicans and Democrats on resolving the situation. He is also not pleased with how Republicans seem to be okay with just letting the government shutdown.

Reid said, “It would be the height of irresponsibility to shut down the government without any negotiations, as Republicans are threatening to do.”

Reid wants a 30-day extension to be voted on and passed. It would see essentially the same funding as we have had so far this fiscal year, but with $41 billion in cuts. The cuts stem from a proposal by President Obama from last year.

The Senate Majority Leader further said, “I am asking Speaker Boehner to simply take the threat of a government shutdown off the table and work with us to negotiate a responsible, long term solution.”

Republicans say that funding needs to be cut. They say it is simply irresponsible to spend so much.

However, Democrats are looking for a negotiation and a compromise, but Republicans are not. Once again, it appears that Republicans only want to get their way. They are again playing political games with ultimatums and are saying that if they do not get their way, they will let the government of the United States shutdown.

If a government shutdown does occur, the finger could rightfully be pointed at Republicans.

4 Comments on Government Shutdown Looming, Republicans at Fault

  1. Where is the President right now the people who voted for him are losing everything he needs to support 99ers not just ignore the situation which is only going to get worse SO WHERE ARE YOU PRESIDENT?

    What I want to say is that the Republicans will have to be voted out because for them to be heartless and not care about millions of people who have nothing and the worst part is that this money goes into the economy. The Republicans have screwed American People because all they care about is themselves and rich people they don’t care that there are millions of us that are losing everything and have nothing to live for because the Republicans are going to be the ones to bury us because we won’t have any other choices when they can’t eat or sleep or drive without gas and they probably have already lost there car anyway. How could the Republicans repay people who voted them in by not supporting 99ers WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT AND I DON’T CARE ANYMORE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US LIKE WE ARE SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING WAITING FOR FREE MONEY SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON THE REPUBLICANS WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR NOT CARING ABOUT OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boy i’m under Social Security Disability and I don’t even know if I will get paid on the third of this month if a shutdown happens. I suffer from extreme anxiety disorders, PTSD, a blood clotting disorder, a heart condition, type II diabetes, sleep apnea and minor cerebral palsy. My medications wouldn’t go through if a govt shutdown were to take place and that’s worrisome. All of this has been making my anxiety worse reading about all this damn stuff about the govt shutdown. I just wish the fourth would just come already so I know what i’m doing with my life and what to prepare for. It’s either that or I wish they would just come up with a damn resolution right now already. This is typical Republican attack on the poor. Even though it’s an attack, I say let the Democrats give into the 61 billion dollar measure and see how much employment productivity there will be? I’m guessing there won’t be. Either if the shutdown occurs or Dems give into the Republicans, the Republicans will be screwed come election time in 2012 and I hope they get screwed hard. Because we need to get these idiots out of office.

  3. I agree with phoenixman,,,this is horse crap…How could high level execs like Rep. lthreaten to shut down oyf lifelines to a prosperous economic recovery as this will impact the world markets and erase /kill any momentum in our economy and markets. I believe all should come together and solve the financial issues like they did n 2001. Don’t shut down the govt as this will kill everyone’s lives jnclding the folks in DC whether they believe it or not.

  4. I feel ya. I am a 99er as of last week. Me and my wife have already spent a chunk of our retirement just to stay on top. Now that the unemployment is gone its only a matter of time. I would just like to know where all the jobs are? I search every day and have been searching every day. Just no luck. I only pray that a job shows up soon. I am going to keep on trying ,but sometimes I get so down a depressed and I know it shows. People need to step up and get this bill passed, before we all loose everything we own. I have to feel really bad for the people that have already lost. We need to pray for them. This goverment is so messed up, how they can turn there backs on their own people.

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