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August 15, 2022

30 Elite U.S Troops killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash

Taliban militants shot down a United States military helicopter just west of Kabul on Saturday the 6th. The helicopter which was carrying Navy Seas was on a mission to target a high level Taliban commander. This incident killed 38 people including 30 United States troops. This event was the most deadly incident that United States forces have seen in the 10 year old war with Afghanistan. The Talban claimed the largest number of American troop’s lives in a single day in the war. [readnext]The helicopter had been taken down by enemy fire and the Taliban did not hesitate to take blame.

Of 22 of troops that were killed were members of the elite navy seals and many of them were also members of the SEAL team 6 which was the unit that conducted the Bin laden raid only three months ago.

Afghan officials say that the Taliban may have tricked the helicopter carrying United States forces to the scene by tipping them off that a Taliban meeting was going to be held.

Very sad news for all Americans.

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