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September 24, 2023

Economy Improves As Unemployment Rates Fall Throughout Nation

The United States government announced today that unemployment rates fell across the country. In a total of 29 states, reports of notable decreases in unemployment have been coming in.

To be fair, in eight states unemployment rates were reported to have gone up. In the remainder of the states there was no change.

Now, the only states with unemployment above ten percent are Nevada, (12.3%) Rhode Island, (11%) and California (10.9%). North Carolina and Mississippi finally got under the ten percent mark. It was not too long ago that 19 states had unemployment rates of over ten percent because of the recession.

The national average in February was 8.3% with a total of 42 states reporting an increase in jobs. In the last three months, nearly a quarter of a million jobs have been created each month.

With the notable improvements Obama’s campaign to be reelected in November is receiving a nice boost. With all of his efforts to increase employment and create new jobs over the last few years, Obama’s work is becoming more and more evident with each passing month.

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