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August 10, 2022

Cyber Monday 2010 Includes Electronics Deals at Best Buy, Walmart and Target

Black Friday is now over and some American’s went home ridiculously happy that they took the risk to go out among the masses on the biggest shopping day of the year, but others are disappointed because they did not get what they set out for. However, hope is not lost. Cyber Monday is coming up and those who were not pleased with Black Friday now have a chance to redeem themselves and enter the Holiday Season with a smile.

Target, one of the hottest sites for holiday shoppers is leaving their customers in suspense. Unlike other stores, Target has yet to release an official list of their discounts for Cyber Monday, but instead has an online sign-up for their customers to get up to the minute information once deals begin to be announced.

Babies ‘R’ Us is offering 25% off on certain items.

Barnes and Noble has a monster sale with numerous books, CD’s, and DVD’s going for 50% off. Also, with every purchase of at least $100 in gift cards, you will get a gift card for $10.

To combat Barnes and Noble, Borders will have over 100,000 books going for half off. And to one-up Barnes, Borders will be giving a $10 gift card for every $50 of gift cards bought.

Eddie Bauer is offering free shipping and handling on all purchases, as well as 30% off on all items storewide.

Sports Authority is also giving their customers a deal with 20% off on all orders.

Walmart Deals

Walmart is offering stellar deals on electronics, games, and more. Deals include cameras, HDTV’s, videogames, and computers.

Items on sale at Walmart for Cyber Monday will include:

* The Philips 8GB Vibe MP3 Video Player for only $39.98

* HP Mini 210 Notebook PC for just $318

* The Element 42” Class LED LCD HDTV will be only $499

* Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera for $199

Best Buy deals can be found here.

The deals on Black Friday may be the best of the year, but the deals on Cyber Monday are without a doubt number two.

Kodak Easyshare

1 Comment on Cyber Monday 2010 Includes Electronics Deals at Best Buy, Walmart and Target

  1. My reply: I am not into electronics. This is just marketing to get people to buy unnecessary items.
    Nobody, needs all that junk, ipads,ipods, note books. Life is to short to accumilate all that junk. People should use their brains and exercise. There is already to many couch potatoes. JB

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