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June 28, 2022

Congress Reassembles, Fight For Legislation On For Next Month

Obama finally addresses Congress
Official White House/Pete Souza

Obama finally addresses Congress
Official White House/Pete Souza

San Francisco ( After weeks of President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats traveling the United States of America to promote their policies and to persuade members of the Republican Party to go along with their ideas and to finally bring in some true bipartisan support, Congress is finally about to reassemble.

With one more month left in session before the Midterm Elections, the Democrats will be pressing hard to get their measures passed while they known that they still hold the majority.

Coming as no surprise to those who keep up with the news regularly, the topic of concern for both parties heading into the elections is that of the economy and the economic recovery.

Obama has been hard at work promoting his small business bill that would provide financial aid for both community banks and local businesses, which would in turn provide the people of the United States with more jobs and thus an economic growth.

The extension of the Bush tax cuts, other than the one for those who make $250,000 or more per year, is also of great concern. The Republicans want the extensions to go to all citizens, but Obama and his party are adamant that the wealthy be left out.

The Republicans are making the case that despite being wealthy, it is not fair to raise taxes on those making more than a quarter of a million dollars yearly in the middle of a recession.

However, even John Boehner, the House Minority Leader from Ohio said that if it the only option to vote on, he will vote to extend the taxes for everyone except for the wealthy.

Despite the urgency expressed by President Obama and the members of his party, the chances are that most of the economic bills will not be ruled on until after the elections on November 2nd.

As the election has grown closer, the feeling of urgency to get the bills passed by the Democrats has grown as well.

There is much speculation that without the passage of the bills, the chances for re-election will be significantly less for Democrats.

At a time when the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are bigger and clearer than ever, the need to own a strong majority in Congress in order to get legislatures passed and the economy resurrected are at an all time high.

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