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May 06, 2021

BP Closes In On Final Kill, Costs Escalate

Obama Determined To Help Gulf

Obama Determined To Help Gulf

San Francisco ( Nearly four months ago the now historic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred due to careless procedures by English oil company, British Petroleum. After millions of barrels of oil spilled into the Mexican Gulf and countless animals died and the environment was terribly damaged, BP is now saying that the well is on the cusp of being totally closed for good.

Thad Allen, who is overseeing the mission in the Gulf, said that the relief well is projected to be in place and consume the final bits of oil in the ocean sometime this week. Allen told reporters that the main relief well is 17,909 feet in depth and is about one hundred feet away from consuming the ruptured well.

As drillers prepare to drill one more time, plans to insert cement into the well that exploded are being finalized and put into place. Once the cement in the well is dried, it will be firmly sealed for good and no more oil will be able to spill.

BP, which is responsible for all of the costs of the catastrophe due to President Barack Obama not allowing the oil company to leave the region in ruin without at least repaying for the damages they cost, is now saying that the overall costs for the issue are approximately 6.1 billion dollars.

BP has the responsibility to fund a total of twenty billion dollars to repay for the damages they caused the environment, as well as the people of the Gulf region. BP has already provided three billion dollars to the fund, much to the pleasure of the United States Justice Department, which is overseeing the payments.

According to reports, BP has not suffered very much financially from the spill, but the Gulf Coast has been impacted tremendously, hurting their economy hard.

Even with the oil essentially no longer spilling from the well and BP owning up for their actions, the problems continue.

President Obama is determined to help the people of the Gulf region even after the spill is no longer headline news. The President said, “What is clear is that the battle to stop the oil flowing from into the Gulf is just about over. Our work goes on, though.”

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