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April 19, 2024

Barry Bonds Sentencing Announced, Then Suspended

Lester Cohen/
Lester Cohen/

Years after steroid allegations began and accusations of lying to a grand jury, the legal saga of Barry Bonds has come to an end. Early this morning, the federal judge of the case informed Bonds of his sentence.

The All Time Home Run King of Major League Baseball has been sentenced to thirty days of house arrest and two years of probation. On top of that, Bonds will have to serve community service for a total of 250 hours. Bonds will also have to pay a $4,000 fine for obstruction of justice for lying to the grand jury in 2003.

However, it is not official yet. The sentence has been suspending as Bonds appeals the ruling that he is guilty. The appeal is reportedly going to take as long as a year to complete.

The prosecutors wanted Bonds to serve as much as 15 months in prison. They argued that Bonds, who owns a 15,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills, wouldn’t be punished for his alleged crimes very much by just getting house arrest.

Bonds has 762 career Home Runs, 1,996 RBI, 2,935 hits, 514 stolen bases, a .298 batting average, was a 14-time All Star, and won the National League MVP Award a record 7 times.

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