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September 26, 2022

Al Qaeda Reportedly Planning More Attacks, Europe On Guard

Kashmiri is the man planning rumored attacks on America and Europe

San Francisco ( – The November 2008 massacre in Mumbai, India is still fresh in the memories of the international community. Members of Lashkar e Taiba came into Mumbai and shot over 160 innocent people to death. The Jihadist group is tied to al Qaeda, which was reportedly behind the attacks.

Now, according to sources in the United States and throughout Europe, al Qaeda is getting ready to commit similar attacks in different parts of Europe. Reports indicate that various towns in France, England, and Germany are being targeted by the terrorist organization. Reports say that the attacks are planned to occur before New Years.

As a result, American officials have issued serious warnings to citizens of the United States who have planned or are planning to travel to Europe.

Further reports indicated that attacks in the United States are also in the works. These rumors gain credibility when the recent attempt to set off explosions at Jewish organizations in Chicago, Illinois weeks ago are recalled.

Dr. August Hanning, who used to lead the foreign intelligence department in Germany said, “We have got information that they (al Qaeda) have planned or are planning a plot like the Mumbai plot in Europe and the United States.”

American officials have told reporters that the United States government has been suspecting potential attacks since 2008 and the “threat is being treated very seriously.”
Some of the information was given to European and American officials by Ahmed Sidiqi, who was captured in July while in Afghanistan.

Ilyas Kashmiri of al Qaeda is said to have played a role in planning the attacks. Information indicates that Osama bin Laden himself gave the go-ahead for the plot.

Sidiqi is said to have met with Kashmiri, who told him of the plot already being set up in both England and Germany. Germany is particularly worried as Sidiqi and ten other men in al Qaeda joined the terrorist organization after leaving Hamburg in March 2009.

While nothing that Sidiqi has said is definitely factual, his claims have been taken seriously by officials in both the United States and Europe. With the attacks of 9/11 still fresh in the memories of Americans and the London bombings still affecting the British and the rest of Western Europe, the threats being posed by al Qaeda are not to be taken lightly. Whether the threats are real or false, England, France, Germany, and the United States are highly prepared to fight off any terrorist attack.

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