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July 10, 2020

Wyclef Jeans Ineligible To Be Haitian President

Wyclef Jean Ineligible For President of Haiti
Reuters/St-Felix Evens

Wyclef Jean Ineligible For President of Haiti
Reuters/St-Felix Evens

San Francisco ( When the nation of Haiti suffered the catastrophic earthquake that led to the deaths of over 220,000 people, everyone took notice. Clearly, the nation as a whole was in great need of assistance from the rest of the international community. While the United States of America, led by President Barack Obama, sent money and supplies and is working with Haiti to help them rebuild their economy and society. Other nations and groups also worked quickly to help the fallen country.

But one man decided to take things one step further to ensure that the future of Haiti would be brighter than its past. That man was entertainer Wyclef Jean.

Jean, a Haitian, decided to run for President of the state in order to make sure that all the right decisions would be made to make the state self-sufficient and stable for the first time.

After gaining much attention and high amounts of support for his quest, Jean received unfortunate news on Friday.

Due to the fact that Jean has not lived in the state for five straight years prior to the election date, he is not eligible to run for the role of Commander In Chief.

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council released their list of the approved candidates and Jean was left out as some expected him to be.

Jean’s lawyer says that the artist has been paying his taxes in Haiti, which does in fact make him eligible to run.

Jean has made it his personal mission to rebuild Haiti.

Jean has said, “My job as the Commander in Chief will be to make Haiti once again the ‘Pearl of the Antille.” For far too long, since the Duvalier regime, Haiti has held its hand out for charity and pity, but the corrupt government abused the international financial committees that came to the country’s aid.”

Jean made it clear that if he becomes President, “this will be no longer acceptable.”

While Jean’s chances of running for the seat in office that he desires are now looking to be slim to now, his ambitions still remain high, as do his hopes for a better tomorrow for Haiti.

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