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July 03, 2020

Sidney Crosby Out of Action, Symptoms Return

Arguably the biggest star in the hockey world since Wayne Gretzky last laced up a pair of skates has just hung up his skates for the time being. Sidney Crosby, who just recently returned from suffering from concussion symptoms for 10 months, is now back off the ice with a reemergence of those same symptoms.

Crosby played in eight games in his comeback this season, grabbing two goals and ten assists. But last week Crosby took a big hit that left him hurting from those all too familiar concussion type symptoms and has been out of action since.

After being examined by doctors, it has been determined that Sidney did not suffer another concussion, but the team is taking precaution.

Crosby is expected to skate at practice by Friday and the team will take it from there.

After seeing great players like Eric Lindros suffer greatly from concussions, the Penguins do not want to risk causing Crosby any suffering he does not have to encounter.

The NHL is a hard-hitting sport where, unlike the NFL where a QB can be protected by regulations on how to hit a QB, no player is safe from getting hit and checked.

The hope is for Sidney to regain his health and be back on the ice by the end of the year.

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