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August 19, 2019

Ryan Braun Faces Suspension, MLB NL MVP Fails Drug Test

Christian Petersen/Getty
Christian Petersen/Getty

Just when everyone thought the steroid era in Major League Baseball was over and that the majority of players were refraining from using performance enhancing drugs, the worst possible news came out. The reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun has reportedly failed a test for performance enhancing drugs.

As a first time offender, Braun is now going to be subject to a 50 game ban.

Braun’s urine test came back with a higher than acceptable level of testosterone. Braun and his spokespeople are claiming innocence and that there has been a mistake. Braun has in no uncertain terms denied steroid use.

Braun is 28 years old and hit 33 home runs last year with 111 RBI while clocking in a .332 batting average during his MVP campaign. Braun also grabbed 33 stolen bases. The Milwaukee Brewers, Braun’s club, won the National League Central Divisional Title last season.

Many are giving Braun the benefit of the doubt. In this era of baseball, it is very unlikely that any Major League ballplayer would intentionally use performance enhancing drugs knowing the MLB rules and how advanced the tests are.

In the interest of fairness, Braun’s case should be investigated to make sure there was no error in the testing or foul play with his samples before any penalty is handed down.

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