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January 26, 2020

Possible 9/11 Anniversary Terror Plot, 3 Suspects Not Located

The United States government became aware of a potential 9/11 anniversary terror plot attempt recently. However, there is no proof that any of the three people who are supposedly behind the plot are in the United States today.

In the interest of the safety of the American people, government officials are working as if the potential terrorists are in the United States. To ensure safety, officials are keeping their eyes on flight records and other documents.

Of the three potential terrorists, two are reported to be Arab Americans. Another person is supposedly coming through via Europe.

Even with the little certainty that anything is going on, government and police officials are taking precautions in the event of an attempted anniversary attack.

An American spy reporting back to the government intercepted the original plot for the attack from an Al Qaeda member who was in Pakistan.



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