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October 14, 2019

Obama Takes Notice as Top Kill Efforts Fail

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President Barack Obama has already made it clear that resolving the problems created from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is of great importance. Obama has stressed great urgency to get the leak under control and clean up all of the fallout and restore the surrounding area.

The Top Kill plan was a risky one to being with. The plan called for the pumping of 30,000 barrels worth of mud and other materials into the well to clog the leak. Initially, the leak was slowed, but after a total of nineteen attempts to stop the flow, three being pumping mud and sixteen trying to jam the well with materials like golf balls and shredded tires, BP has officially called the Top Kill project a failure.  The chief operation office of BP, Doug Scuttles, said, “We have not been able to stop the flow.”

The initial success of Top Kill was due to the fact that while the mud was being pumped, no oil was leaking, however, once the pumping came to a halt, leakage continued.

BP announced this weekend that now they are working on a new plan. This one calls for a cap to be made just for the well to cover it and stop the leak. According to Suttles, workers had started assembling the cap this weekend. However, the cap isn’t guaranteed to seal the well tightly and it may take at least four days and possibly up to seven day for the project to be ready. Scuttles said, “We are confident the job will work, but obviously we cannot guarantee success.”

Scuttles went on to disclose that the only way to truly solve the issue at hand is to construct a pair of relief wells, but those would not be ready until at the soonest, August.

To focus on what is arguably the only good thing about the situation, BP executives highly touted the clean up of the area and the limited amount of damage considering the amount of oil spilled.

To add to the clean up and protection efforts of the area, President Obama announced that sand booms may constructed to protect the marshlands and other parts of the environment. The wetlands of Louisiana are in a state of crisis and all action must be immediate and focused.

With the estimated amount of oil spilling into the ocean every day being 798,000 gallons, immediate action is not only encouraged, but absolutely necessary. And President Obama is doing all that he can to make sure that everything that can be done will be done and as quickly as possible.

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