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May 24, 2020

Obama Takes Action On Swine Flu

With the Swine Flu, also known as the H1N1 virus, growing quickly in the world, President Barack Obama has stated that he wants to do as much as he can in order to contain and eradicate the disease.

Obama did note that despite there being nearly 900 cases of the virus throughout the world already, scientists still know very little about the illness.

President Obama also mentioned that while previous animal flu’s like the Swine Flu, were not passed on human to human, the Swine Flu is. According to Obama, this “creates the potential for a pandemic.”

Fortunately for Americans, the virus, which has been diagnosed in 19 states in the United States, has not been as deadly or strong as in Mexico.

However, President Obama is still moving towards discovering more about the H1N1 virus. Obama wants to take all of the precautions he can in order to make the virus does not continue to spread or become more dangerous in the United States.

On the positive side of the spectrum, Obama did point out that the current variety of the virus can be defeated with treatments that are already available in the United States.

Obama said that he hopes that in the end, the virus will die out and that there will have been no need to even worry about it. But, in the event that the virus does continue to grow, Obama said, “I would sooner take action now than hesitate and face graver consequences later.”

Obama also stated on his weekly radio address that his administration is providing the states the vaccines to treat those who were unfortunate enough to get the H1N1 virus. The government has 63 million doses of the vaccine ready for use. Furthermore, the government is also working on getting $1.5 billion to provide vaccines, emergency equipment, and to find a vaccine that would prevent the virus to start with.

Lastly, the Obama administration set up pages on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook to provide instant information on all developments on the virus in order to keep the public aware of vital information.

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